Link's Awakening Started as an Unofficial Fan Game

Link's Awakening Started as an Unofficial Fan Game

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Did you know that Link's Awakening started life as a fan game? Its original developer, Kazuaki Morita, didn't even work for Nintendo! He worked on A Link to the Past when his programming company was contracted to help build the game, and afterwards, he helped himself to a Gameboy development kit to try porting Zelda onto the Gameboy.

Then, he and some friends from Nintendo started doing funny stuff like adding in Yoshi and Chain Chomps mostly just for fun. The result is one of the most irreverant and meta games in all of Zelda canon.

No, by the way, we haven't played the Switch remake of Link's Awakening just yet. It's on its way in the post alongside a Switch Lite. It's cool, though, we know the twist at the end: Koholint Island was really Subcon all along!

Thank you for watching, we love you.

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