Princess Bubblegum: Adventure Time's Secret Villain?

Princess Bubblegum: Adventure Time's Secret Villain?

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Channel Art:

Who is the Villain of Adventure time? Some might say it is the Lich. Some might say it is Ice King. Some might say that Adventure Time doesn't even have a villain.

Nay say I. There is a secret villain hiding right under our noses and that is Princess Bonnible Bubblegum of Ooo aka. PB aka. Bonny aka. Bubbles aka. The Most Evil Person in all of Ooo.

PB Art (Saenkang2):


00:00 Intro
01:28 Overview
03:11 Lemongrab
08:45 Lemonhope
12:44 Goliad and Making Problems
17:18 Spying on Everyone
18:26 Treetrunks
21:37 Princess Cookie
23:09 Cinnamon Cun
24:24 PB screwing with Finn's Head
29:20 Marci x PB (No lessons learned)
32:16 Rattleball's Annihilation
34:24 Gumbold did nothing wrong!
36:54 Final Words on Evil


Music by:

Jazz In Paris (Media Right Productions):
Biggie Smalls(Harmless Beatz):
INSANE (Big Soto):
Pied Piper (Syko):
Malicious (ILL Fortune):
Doin' The Jive (Glenn Miller):
Midnight Sway (Odd Chap):
Old Love (MaverickMyers Radio):
Woke Up 8-Bit Remix (Apples and Pears Productions):
Megalovania (Toby Fox):
Electro Swingity (ExoNova):
Meglovania Swing (Musical Ghost):

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