Why Are Millions Left Behind? ~ Abandoned Castle From The 1600's

Why Are Millions Left Behind? ~ Abandoned Castle From The 1600's

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An abandoned building is not a forgotten building, it just hasn’t found its new lover yet. This was once the residence of an 18th century noble and his beloved family. He was a general who was active in the French revolutionary wars and defended the country with great pride. Even after he had passed, his descendants continued to live and laugh within the walls of the castle. Inside these walls, many clues and artifacts tell the events that took place here. The number of historic artifacts that have been left behind over the centuries is unfathomable. Every single room and corner in this place holds precious memories from the former times. It has now been a long time since there was activity in this wonderful place. The descendants of the French general have moved on and relocated to the bigger cities in search of work, leaving the castle behind to slowly wither away. When you walk through this place you get the feeling of being time-warped into the past. Walking through the rooms of the castle gives you the feeling of being time-warped into the past. Even though it is empty of life the walls still tell tales of the people that once lived here. If the walls in this place could talk they would tell tails of the former occupation.

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