elementary OS 7, SteamOS ISO, and Unity is still alive! - Linux and open source news

elementary OS 7, SteamOS ISO, and Unity is still alive! - Linux and open source news

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00:00 Intro
00:43 Sponsor: 100$ off your Linux or gaming server
01:33 GNOME app updates
02:35 Microsoft joints the Open 3D Foundation
03:51 Holo ISO gives you SteamOS 3 in advance
04:51 KDE Weekly updates
06:04 Unity 7 gets a big update
07:13 Fedora Lead talks about the future of Linux
08:23 Details about elementary OS 7
09:49 The PineSound project
10:43 Deb-get gets you apt-get outside of your repos
11:54 Apple Music on Linux
12:53 Steam as a Snap
13:56 Firefox 100 released
14:49 Linux App Summit Talk about Flathub
16:39 Kubuntu Focus M2
17:55 Sponsor: Grab a laptop or desktop running Linux with Tuxedo
18:44 Support the channel

GNOME apps developers brought some nice big changes again to the core GNOME applications, interface, and to apps from the GNOME Circle.

Microsoft has now joined the Open3D Foundation

Holo ISO isn't an official SteamOS 3 release from Valve, but it's the closest thing yet

KDE developers are getting into high gear, to prepare the release of Plasma 5.25 next month, and this means more weekly updates!

Unity 7 got it's first new major release in 6 years, with a bunch of new changes.

Matthew Miller, the Fedora Project lead, was recently interviewed by Tech Republic, on the future of Linux.

Danielle ForΓ© published a new blog post detailing the latest changes in elementary OS 6, and the plans for OS 7.

Looks like the Pinebuds weren't just an April's fools, as the Pine64 is planning to make their own wireless headphone, complete with ambiant and environment noise cancellation, and a long battery life

Deb-get wants to replicate apt-get functionality, but for external debian packages and repos.

If you're an Apple Music user, but you also run Linux, you might be delighted to learn of the existence of Cider, an open source application that lets you listen to Apple Music.

Ubuntu actually is trying to focus more on gaming related features, and their first step is to introduce Steam in the Snap Store, as a beta, for now.

Firefox has existed for 17 years, and it has now reached version 100

The Linux App Summit has taken place, and there's one talk that specifically piqued my interest, regarding Flathub.

You might remember the Kubuntu Focus, a very powerful laptop for gaming, or anything else that required intense graphics and processing power. Well, there's a new version of that device, the Focus M2.