SCP-001 - 16 Top Secret Files

SCP-001 - 16 Top Secret Files

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In order to prevent knowledge of SCP-001 from being leaked, several/no false SCP 001 files have been created alongside the true file/files. All files concerning the nature of SCP001 , including the decoy/decoys, are protected by a memetic kill agent designed to immediately cause cardiac arrest in any nonauthorized personnel attempting to access the file.
Here we have 16 instances of SCP-001. Which one is the real one?

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SCP-001 Compilation is based on:
The Factory by AdminBright
The Scarlet King by Tufto
When Day Breaks by S. D. Locke
A Good Boy by PeppersGhost and The Great Hippo
The Gate Guardian by Dr. Clef
The Spiral Path by Dr. Mann
The Foundation by Scantron
God's Blind Spot by Spike Brennan
Keter Duty by S. D. Locke and I. H. Pickman
A Simple Toymaker by Jim North
The Database by S. Andrew Swann
Dead Men by Tanhony
The Black Moon by Tanhony II
The World's Gone Beautiful by Lily
The Conspiracy by Anonymous
Sheaf of Papers by Jonathan Ball

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