Where Is LIANGELO BALL Now In 2019? | Is His Basketball CAREER Over?
play Where Is LIANGELO BALL Now In 2019? | Is His Basketball CAREER Over?

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Where Is LIANGELO BALL Now In 2019? | Is His Basketball CAREER Over?

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Seeing that he went undrafted and wasn't even picked up by a summer league team, that feat in itself didn't all of a sudden make him one and done NBA material,, it did show however that he could play in respectable leagues overseas and maybe get more serious NBA looks in the distant future. However, since missing out on the NBA, everything Gelo could’ve done to hurt derails his draft stock further he has done. While he dominated the JBA League, averaging 50 a game, winning finals MVP and a championship, the league wasn’t on exactly something scouts paid any attention too. After the summer was when things really began to go downhill, , instead of returning to an established pro league and building on his success in Lithuania or followed the numerous JBA players that he’d just dominated at G-League open tryouts, Gelo joined the JBA tour to and played exhibition games against low-level European teams. Not too long after the JBA team faced the London Lions, a game I was in attendance for a link can be found down below. Lamelo announced his return to high school basketball and shortly after the tour was disbanded. When news broke about Melo’s move to Spire, the focus for LiAngelo had shifted towards making the G-League, and that was the last we’d really heard of him. With him only ever being seen outside with Lavar at Spire games, many people began to theorize that he might’ve packed in basketball altogether.
There was a story that came out this week, one I saw all over my comments that LiAngelo had in fact signed with Sacramento's G-League affiliate the Stockton Kings. Upon hearing the news I contacted some of my sources close to the family, who confirmed that this was fake news. I followed up that with some questions asking for an update, I was told that the BBB camp is tight-lipped on Gelo right now, and there is nothing to report concerning him. I then asked if we can expect a return to basketball within the near future, to which I was told basketball is still in the works, nothing has yet to change in that regard and that LiAngelo is still preparing for an opportunity with an NBA team. My final question was can we expect a return to organized basketball this year, to which I was told yes we can.

It’s been close to 2 months now, and there hasn’t been any sign of Gelo returning to pro basketball. While a couple of months without playing isn’t going to destroy his career completely, For Gelo since leaving high school things just continue taking a turn for the worst. He’s basically been used as a complementary side piece to his more popular brothers wherever he’s been, it was well predicted but the NBA or bust mentality was setting him up for failure. Gelo’s best hope to make it to the league was staying all years in college. I think the longer time goes on the morn and more they’ll regret the decision to withdraw from UCLA. Because while he wouldn’t have played last season, he’d have been back now as an improved sophomore with a further 3 years left on his scholarship. Playing for one of the top programmes in the country as one of the highest levels of basketball, Right now he’s sitting out anyway the same way he would’ve last season, this goes around without college eligibility to fall back on, or a clear path to get where he wants to be. This absence does whatever NBA stock he had left no favors, going off the radar completely is the worst thing that could’ve happened for his chances and that’s exactly what we’re witnessing right now. I’m still of the belief that had Gelo tried out for the G-League fall 2018 with the rest of the JBA guys, he’d be playing the G-League right now. Instead, he is where he is now, with a future clouded with uncertainty. Gelo really dropped the ball in September by choosing to not attend NBA G League public tryouts, and instead opting to play exhibition games against fourth-rate European clubs on the JBA USA tour. Gelo’s His career-related decisions have seemed to revolve around better marketing his family and making them more exciting to follow, rather than having success in professional basketball.


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