1.5 Years On The "Forgotten Foldable" – Motorola RAZR 5G Long-Term Review

1.5 Years On The "Forgotten Foldable" – Motorola RAZR 5G Long-Term Review

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Longtime subscribers, I apologize: much of what I’m about to say is stuff you’ve heard before. But when I contemplated canceling this video, many of you told me on Twitter that you’d like to see it anyway. And when I considered that I’m one of very few people who’s been consistently using the Motorola RAZR 5G for the past year and a half, I decided it was better to share that experience … even if I’ve already talked about it an awful lot in other videos.

Whether you're nostalgic for the noughties, contemplating dipping your toe into the affordable side of the folding-phone pool, or just morbidly curious about the foldable that everyone seems to have forgotten – join me for Episode 13 of "Into The Fold" – a 2022 re-review of the Motorola RAZR 5G from 2020!




This is the thirteenth in a series of episodes exploring the many facets of life on a folding screen. From the best foldable phones of 2021 to the bleeding-edge world of folding-screen laptops, Into The Fold is MrMobile’s showcase for the most exciting movement in mobile technology since 2007!

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00:00 18 Months in 2 minutes
01:54 Like a fine wine
05:37 Like a skunked beer
06:54 Make money, not history




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